Monday, January 29, 2007

Rats! Tagged Again!

So, it appears as if Ms. Chicki took it upon herself to tag me on Friday. Just my luck I went over to her blog today and noticed that I'd been tagged. Rats!

So, here are the rules:

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, look down to the 5th sentence.
3. Post the text of the next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Include the title and the author's name.
5. Tag 3 people

Well, I just went to the bookstore last night in hopes that the February books would hit the shelves early. I went looking for L.A. Banks' The Wicked and Ann Christopher's Risk. L. A. Banks' newest wasn't on the shelves. But I got a hold of Ann Christopher's Risk. I loved her first novel, Trouble. And I can't wait to read her newest release. So I put it on top of my toppling over to-be-read pile. So, guess which book is closest to me right now. That's right, Risk! Give yourselves a round of applause.

"Her mind veered off onto the times she'd asked Ronnie if they could vacation somewhere else besides Martha's Vineyard, only to be shot down. And the times she'd wanted to try a new restaurant or play or DVD, only to have Ronnie talk her out of it. And the times—way to numerous to count—she'd tried to talk with him about her day or her clients of her pressures, only to have him roll his eyes and say she didn't know anything about pressures because she didn't have people's lives in her hands like he did." ~ Ann Christopher, Risk

Dang… Now I really want to read this book. Can't wait! If it is anywhere near as good as her first release, Trouble, then I am in for a treat. Ann will be visiting my blog for an interview in March. SO be sure to check that out.

Now, I have to tag three people huh… well… since Elle is always tagging folks, I'll tag her. And I do believe Kari has tagged me before. And, how about Michelle to round it out...

Have fun ladies ;-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood...On the Real!

Well, Dream Girls didn't get the Screen Actor's Guild Award for Best Ensemble Cast in a Film... But they did show the sistas some love this evening. The cast of Grey's Anatomy won for Best Ensemble Cast on a TV Drama. So, yay for Shonda Rhimes! I love that show!

My girl, Chandra Wilson won an award for her portrayal of Dr. Miranda Bailey on Grey's Anatomy. And her speech was a hoot. She even gave a shout out to the brotha in rehab. LOL. And she even made mention of the fact that she was going home to show her award to her daughters so that they can see what is possible even with her skin, nose, height and weight. Really positive!

And Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Effie in Dream Girls. In my opinion, she should have been in the running for best actress. There wasn't anything supporting about that role. There wouldn't be a movie without Effie and Jennifer Hudson steals the show from everyone. Heck, she's the star. They're supporting her... but that's another post. Anyway, it looks like Hollywood is finally showing thicker sista some love. And they didn't have to play maids or prostitutes to get the statue. We'll see what happens at the Oscars... But, dare I start to feel a little hopeful... Probably not wise... I'll just bask in the fact that tonight three thicker sistas got some well-deserved props and hope that it continues. In any case, congratulations to Chandra Wilson and Jennifer Hudson! Well done ladies! Well done!

Divine Destiny Gets Five Fallen Angels!

Click here to read the entire review:

  • Fallen Angels Review for Divine Destiny

  • much love and peace,


    Saturday, January 27, 2007

    Real Page Turners Gave Cuffed Five Stars!

    Check out the review here:

  • Real Page Turners

  • Much love and peace,


    Friday, January 26, 2007

    Excerpt from my Cuffed By Candlelight Novella

    Cuffed by Candlelight: An Erotic Romance Anthology
    With Novellas by: Beverly Jenkins, Gwyneth Bolton, and Katherine D. Jones
    Parker Publishing, LLC
    February 2007

    Blurb for my novella "Handcuffs Mean Never Having To Say You're Sorry"

    Why try to reason...

    DEA Agent Lance King has been watching over Tamara Downing ever since she was a kid and he will continue to look out for her, whether she likes it or not. In fact, he thinks it's high time she comes to term with the fact that they are meant to be together. If only he could figure out a way to get her to stay still long enough to listen to him. Steamy, sultry, lovemaking might just do the trick... She has to be able to see reason eventually. Doesn't she?

    When you've got handcuffs...

    Newly minted Police Detective Tamara Downing has made it her business to stay away from the man she gave her virginity to, especially since in the process he stole her heart and handed it back to her permanently broken. There is nothing Lance can tell her to get her to understand why he took it upon himself to meddle in her most recent case. But then she never has found another lover quite like him... She could stick around long enough to get some sexual maintenance and make Lance see exactly what he walked away from ten-years ago. He can't be serious about all this love and marriage stuff anyway. Can he?

    Their journey to love becomes a test of wills laced with passion and desire. Will they get to a space where their love can prevail?

    Excerpt from "Handcuffs Mean Never Having to Say You're Sorry"

    "Pull out ya nine, while I cock on mine--" Tamara Downing left the four-story brick building that housed Murder Row records rapping Lil' Kim lyrics and aiming her imaginary gun. Her real Newark PD issued piece was in the car. Yes, things were going her way. Tommy Coles had finally noticed she was alive, and it would only be a matter of time before she could put his behind up under the jail. NPD believed that he ran a prostitution ring out of Murder Row, luring girls in with dreams of stardom. Several of his former "video models" had gone missing, and one was badly beaten but wouldn't talk.

    The ringing of her cell phone snapped her out of her momentary reverie, and she quickly answered it as she made her way from the building to her car. She'd just turned the dang thing on again since she always turned it off when she was working.

    Giving the dark parking lot a quick once over, she mentally prepared herself for any trouble. Murder Row Records was known for unsavory characters, and she had no desire to get caught out there by someone who saw her as an easy mark. And, even though she'd been born in Newark and raised in East Orange, New Jersey, she knew that dark parking lots in Brick City--Newark's unofficial nickname--didn't mix with petite young women in super-tight lycra mini dresses. She could more than handle herself if pressed to do so, but it wouldn't exactly bode well with her undercover assignment if she started going all Alias and Xena-Warrior Princess in the parking lot.

    Letting her feet move a little faster when she spotted two strange looking men in the shadows, Kara answered her phone softly. "Yeah." She tried to answer it as quickly as possible. The Lil' Kim ring tone she’d downloaded that played "Shut Up, Bitch" just might have given the jerks in the parking lot the wrong idea.

    "It's about time you answered the phone, baby. I've been so worried about you. You didn't stop by the past two Saturdays like you normally do."

    Mama Paula. Tamara loved the woman who'd saved her life by taking her in after her mother died. But Mama Paula brought worrying to new height.

    "I'm fine, Mama Paula. Honest. But I can't talk now." Holding her cell phone to her ear with her shoulder, she started to unlock the door to her red poor-girl's version of a sports car.

    Mama Paula hesitated slightly, and Tamara knew instinctively that couldn't be good. Mama Paula only went silent when she felt a little bit guilty or ill at ease about something she'd done. When it came to Tamara's life or business that could only mean one thing. "Oh. Okay. I was just worried. That's why I asked Lance to--"

    Several curse words ran through her head, but she had way too much respect for Mama Paula to utter any of them. "Oh, Mama Paula, tell me you didn't ask Lance to check up on me. You know I don’t like the way he steps in and tries to--"

    Before Tamara could finish her sentence, a gun and a badge were in her face. The shadowed men that she'd thought were thugs turned out to be something worse.

    "Unh, Mama Paula, I have to go now." Tamara hung up the phone without waiting for a response. One of the men had already started cuffing her, and he clearly needed her other hand free to finish the job.

    Wednesday, January 24, 2007

    Romance Junkies Gives Cuffed Five Blue Ribbons!

    Here's an excerpt from the review:
    "Break out the handcuffs, light some candles and indulge yourself in these three passionate tales written by Beverly Jenkins, Gwyneth Bolton and Katherine D. Jones...
    Gwyneth Bolton finals out this thrilling anthology with a fantastic storyline and kick butt heroine whom readers are going to love. Tamara is brave, daring, and not about to sit back and let Lance play the 'knight in shining armor' for her. I had to laugh at the dialogue between Tamara and Lance. It's so obvious that they have unresolved issues and neither of them is willing to back down or admit to needing each other. This story is feisty and filled with all the emotional turmoil that I've come to expect when picking up one of Ms. Bolton's tales...
    All of the stories contained within the CUFFED BY CANDLELIGHT anthology are simply delightful. The one thing I did notice that all three stories have in common is brave women who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe or the men they love. Each of these authors brought daring characters, thrilling plots, and super hot sex into this one dynamic anthology. Handcuffs have never been so sexy." -- Chrissy Dionne for Romance Junkies

    Sunday, January 21, 2007

    Two birds with one stone... (Because Elle tagged me again and I have something to say about Isaiah)

    He opened his mouth and hate spilled.

    So, Elle tagged me to tell a story in six words. And I wanted to say something about the Isaiah Washington situation. So, I'm killing two birds with one stone in this post. Above is my attempt at the story in six words. And although the tag didn't say I could use visuals, I found this image and it seemed to fit. At first, I thought 'this brother really needs to think before he starts spewing.' But then I thought no, that's not the problem. The problem is his homophobia. The problem is he has issues that he needs to deal with. The problem is not that he should think before he speaks, but that he should deal with his hatred. There is enough hate in the world. He should take a hint from this image of himself and shut up. And then he should do some soul searching and get some help.

    That's my two cents. What do you all think?

    (Oh and for those who don't know he is one of the stars of the show Grey's Anatomy and he used a homophobic slur to refer to one of his co-stars. It's been all over the news.)

    Much love and peace,


    Saturday, January 20, 2007

    Deadlines: My Enemy... My Friend...

    I need them. I hate them. They motivate me. They rule my life. They keep me focused. They… Well you get the point. You see, for the most part, a person with a tendency to be distracted by things that seem far more interesting than sitting in front of the computer needs deadlines. Before the days of contracts and deadlines, a sister wrote when she was inspired, when the mood struck. Structure? Timelines? Whatever! I was an artist. Punching the clock was for the day job. You couldn't force the muse. And, hey, I was no hack. That was then… Now, inspiration takes her sweet time showing up, especially when work is busy and life is hectic and all my favorite shows are finally back to airing all new episodes. And truth be told if inspiration does try and strike during these times it would be so easy and oh so tempting to put her on hold. It would be that is, if it weren't for those deadlines…

    I'm Blogging in Black today. Read the rest of this post here:

  • Blogging in Black
  • Thursday, January 18, 2007

    How about some funny to go with all that sexy?

    Well folks, I am about to go back to land of writing, deadlines and no more pleasure reading… At least until I rebel again and say "To hell with deadlines! I'm reading [insert favorite author's or new exciting author's name here] new book!" Honestly, since the semester started Tuesday and I'm back in the classroom, I won't have time to read for fun. Well, not if I want to meet my deadlines… But, anyway, I wanted to share my thoughts on two hot, funny and sexy books that I had the pleasure of reading this past weekend. These books blended some of my favorite things perfectly. They were funny and sexy. And they had the right amount of emotional pull that made me care about the characters and fall in love with them. Oh, and did I mention they were really sexy books? :-)

    Delilah Dawson's Something Naughty is an erotic romance that is at the same time HOT and hilarious. I love the 'when opposites attract' storyline at play in the novel. Damon Becker is a straight-laced businessman who is about to head up his family's longstanding business wear company. The company makes fine tailored suits for men and women. So, imagine his surprise when he finds out that his ailing grandmother has struck up a business partnership with a Naughty Devil, a company that sells things like edible underwear, velvet handcuffs and the like. And imagine his surprise when he meets one of the company's owners, the lovely and very sexy Tanika Davis. She pushes him past his comfort zones and he pushes back. She inspires him to delve into his naughty side and when brother man is unleashed… Well, all I can say is get your fan ready! I love the way that Delilah Dawson works the fantasies in ways that are both playful and sexy. And I also love the way she is able to emotionally pull the reader in to the story even with all the fun and sex. That to me is the mark of a wonderfully written erotic romance. I cared deeply about all the characters. If you like a book that will have you laughing out loud one minute and reaching for a fan or a glass of ice water the next, then do yourself a favor and try Something Naughty.

    I have been a fan of Adrianne Byrd's writing for a while now. And her February release, When Valentines Collide, will not disappoint longtime readers. It didn't disappoint me at all. In this novel we have Dr. Chante Valentine and Dr. Matthew Valentine, both "love doctors" so to speak. They make their living as relationship experts. They are trained and degreed counselors. They help people stay together for a living. So, imagine the shock and horror that would occur if the world found out that America's top relationship gurus are having a little trouble in their own marriage. This book had so many laugh-out-loud moments that I found myself chuckling just about the entire time I read it. The antics that these two pull on one another had me rolling! But when they connected… when they started to work it out and get it together… Have. Mercy. Hot! I loved the way Adrianne Byrd was able to make their chemistry leap of the page. When they had their knockdown drag outs, it popped. When they were scheming and conniving to one-up one another, it sizzled. When they decided to try and save their marriage with a little sexual healing, it exploded. This book was really good. If you like movies like War of the Roses and Mr. and Mrs. Smith or if you ever wondered what would happen if Oprah hooked up with Dr. Phil, then this book might just make your day.

    Happy Reading!


    Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

    That's me talking to the covers of my upcoming February and March releases… They have me remixing Mary J. Blige and singing, "You know that you remind me of a cover I once saw… Yes you do, awwww!" Take a look at these and tell me if you see anything familiar...

    Cute couple, huh...

    Well, here they are again...

    Just when I found myself trying to like her a little bit...

    I find out she's a cover slut... :-) And here I thought my cover was her one and only love...

    Thanks, Deatri for showing me the Troublemaker cover.

    Much love and peace,


    Monday, January 15, 2007

    Another Review for Divine Destiny!

    Black Butterfly Review gave it 5 Stars!

    Here's an excerpt:

    "Ms. Bolton has really outdone herself in her transition from the genre of romance to that of erotica. The characters exude strength, determination, and sexual sensuality. The sexual scenes in this book are very believable. In most cases, Ms. Bolton's words will leave you wanting, panting, and eagerly anticipating your next encounter. This is not just a book for your to be read pile, it is definitely a MUST read." -- Eleanor S. Shields for Black Butterfly Review

    Check out the Black Butterfly Review site! The full review may be posted some time this week but meanwhile check out all their other reviews here:

  • Black Butterfly Review

  • much love and peace,


    Sunday, January 14, 2007

    First Review for Sweet Sensation!

    The first review for my March release, Sweet Sensation, is in. Monique Bruner from the Real Page Turner Reviewers gave it 5 Stars and called it the best hip-hop romance ever! Here's an excerpt from the review:

    "Sweet Sensation is one of the BEST hip-hop romances ever written. It has all the elements of hip-hop – love, sex, violence, revenge, lyrical flow and money. Bolton has penned an eloquent all encompassing love story that highlights the importance of family. Sweet Sensation is embedded in the world of hip-hop music and will touch your heart, develop a love of rap music, and rise to bestsellers list in no time." -- Monique Bruner for Real Page Turners

    But you can find the full review here:

  • Real Page Turners
  • Sing, Celebrate... Sing, Sing Celebrate...

    For a King, celebrate...

    Since Monday is the day we celebrate a man of vision and strength who worked with others so that this country might live up to its promise of freedom and justice for all, I thought it would be cool to see this old video celebrating the man and his legacy. Let's all take some time on Monday to think about how we can continue to make "The Dream" a reality.

    Much love and peace,


    Saturday, January 13, 2007

    Happy Founders' Day!!!

    To all my sorors of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated

    On January 13, 1913 twenty-two dynamic women founded what is today one of the largest historically Black sororities and for that I am grateful. I became a Delta woman on April 24, 1990 at William Paterson College in New Jersey. So to all my sands and sorors of William Paterson's Theta Upsilon chapter, to Elle and Rageyone, and all my blogging sorors, to Ann Christopher, Ann Clay, Wendy Coakley-Thompson and all my fiction writing sorors, to Monique Bruner and Gwendolyn Osborne and all my writing and reviewing sorors, and to all the Deltas... Happy Founders' Day Sorors!

    Thursday, January 11, 2007

    Romance. Suspense. Intrigue. Drama...

    Confession number one: I used to be one of those genre purists. Way back in the day, I would cringe at the thought of a paranormal romance or romantic suspense. I certainly wouldn't deign to read one of those "mixed books." I read widely across genres. But I was like one of those kids who didn't like their food to touch on the plate. So I wouldn't even have picked up a book that proclaimed itself a romantic suspense novel. (And I certainly couldn't have imagined writing a paranormal erotic romance.) Thank goodness my quirky reading habits have changed! I recently went on romantic suspense reading spree and read three really great novels that I want to tell you all about. So, take a minute and go on a little journey with me.

    The first novel on my trip was Deatri King-Bey's Beauty and the Beast. Some of you might remember that Deatri stopped by my blog in December for an author interview. Check it out in the archives if you’d like to find out a little more about her. Anyway, I enjoyed Beauty and the Beast immensely. At its heart the novel is a retelling of the wonderful fairy-tale. But it is also action-packed and has enough suspense and intrigue to keep you turning the pages. I loved both the hero and the heroine in this novel. But the hero really made me fall in love. He was a different kind of hero in that he suffered from bipolar disorder. However, Deatri does an excellent job showing how the relationship between Bruce Maxwell and Nefertiti Townes grows, how they learn to heal themselves and each other. And on top of that we get some bad guys and mystery thrown into the mix. The novel has several twists and turns and a few surprises. I would definitely recommend this book!

    Then I read Patricia Sargeant's new novel You Belong to Me. This is Patricia's first novel and it was really good! It was the perfect mix of romance and suspense. I loved several things about this novel. First, it had one of my favorite romance plots at its core, the lovers reunited plot. I love it when folks give love a second chance. (I guess that's why two of favorite love songs are Shalimar's "Second Time Around" and Peaches and Herb's "Reunited.") Anyway, Nicole Collins is a science fiction writer who finds that her ex-husband Malcolm Bryant owns a film company and he wants to buy the rights to her series. Add a crazed fan to the mix that doesn't want to see the "family" that he/she loves destroyed by Hollywood and you get a novel jam packed with intrigue and drama. I loved trying to figure out who the crazed fan and possible murderer was. And I loved all the twists and turns Patricia put in along the way. The love story and the mystery are equally strong in this one. Pick this one up today!

    Finally, I read Beverly Jenkin's Sexy/Dangerous. This book was great! So far I have really enjoyed all of her romantic suspense novels. She normally writes historical romances. And I don't usually read a lot of historical romances. So, when she started writing these contemporary romantic suspense novels I automatically picked them up. Sexy/Dangerous is my favorite of her romantic suspense novels so far because the heroine, Maxine "Max" Blake is a bad girl! And I'm talking bad like Shaft--I'll kick your butt kind of bad! She's an ex-marine, an ex-cop and secret agent. And she is in charge of protecting the hero, Dr. Adam Gary. He's discovered a product that can revolutionize the world and some people want it and are willing to kill him to get it. But they have to go through Max first, and that ain't easy! Did I already say that I loved this book? I really did love it. Funny how just that simple switch, having the woman protect the man, can make for such a thrilling and page-turning read! If you want to read a book with a super-bad sister kicking butt and taking names, this one is a must!

    So what about you? Have you read any good books lately? Are you a genre purist or do you like to mix it up? Have you read any of these books and have a different take? Also, I should let you all know that next month's author on Gwyneth’s Blog, Katherine D. Jones is making a name for herself as the queen of African-American romantic suspense. She has written a series of books that perfectly marry romance and suspense. So be sure to check out her interview next month. Until next time…

    Happy reading,


    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Stupid Stuff in the News and My Two Cents

    The Donald vs. Rosie with Barbara in the Middle

    With everything going on in the world, you would think that the media wouldn't be taking so much time to focus on this so-called feud. But they are. It's on every channel. So now they have forced me to add my two cents. I didn't want to. They made me do it. I swear... But anyway, the funniest thing to me about this feud and the most newsworthy part of it is Barbara Walters and her serious blunder. (Because I don't care what she is saying, I have a gut feeling that she said exactly what the Donald said she said about Rosie) See, here's what I think happened... Barbara tried to clear up the beef by doing the old two-faced shuffle (some people might see it as being diplomatic or politically savvy. I think it's just classic school-yard two-facedness) I think Barbara called up her boy and was all commiserating with him in hopes that he would just calm down and forget about his public beef. But he pulled the ultimate no-no and repeated everything she said to him in the media. And if she wasn't such a proper white lady, you know she would have been like, 'you motherf*&%@#!' But she just went on air and denied, denied, denied. I just don't understand how the Donald can call his girl out like that. And I know Star is somewhere laughing the rest of her butt off at this mess. As for my two cents, the fact that the Donald let the little drunk/high girl keep her crown is not the only wrong thing he did. His playing Barbara Walters and telling what she probably told him in confidence is just wrong! But it is funny as all get out too. I bet she'll watch who she talks about and to whom now. I'm telling you Barbara you should not talk about people behind their backs unless you are prepared to back it up. That's the first thing us little girls in the hood learn. Doing so is the quickest way to get caught up in some he-said/she-said mess…Umm…

    Oprah Winfrey and the School in South Africa

    So it seems that some people are mad at Oprah because she didn't build a school in an inner city in the United States instead of building one in South Africa. I have to say first and foremost, Oprah can build a school wherever she wants to build a school with her money. Would it be nice if she built a school in the inner-city here? Yes. Would it have been nice if she hadn't had a Bill Cosby moment and started mouthing off in the media about how inner-city (read black) kids in the United States don't want to learn and only want expensive stuff? Hell yeah! (You wrong for that O. Keep it up and you're gonna have more than ignorant behind 50 after ya) But none of that changes the fact that it is her cash and she can spend it how she wants. The girl children in South Africa need that school. It will provide a safe haven and a way out for so many young women. In a country where some men are still raping virgins and girl babies in misguided hope of 'curing' themselves from HIV/AIDS, are we really begrudging these young women a school? I don't understand how people can fix their mouths to complain about this. Truth be told, the United States is a rich country that could do more to help the kids in the inner cities than Oprah could even with all her money. Like Pac said, "they got money for wars, but can't feed the poor." How we can see our way clear to spend billions every day to bomb and kill when little Tyrone, Johnny, Dick, Jane, and Shaqueeta can't read is beyond my comprehension. But I'll tell you what… I won't be calling Oprah out on this one, not when she's trying to do good work in the world.

    But hey, I could be wrong. What do you all think about these two divas of talk and interview and the recent media attention they've been getting? Until next time...

    Much love and peace,


    Monday, January 01, 2007

    January Interview with A. C. Arthur

    Happy New Year, everyone! We're starting off 2007 with a wonderful and talented author, A. C. Arthur. She writes for Kimani Press, Genesis Press and Parker Publishing, LLC. She has some interesting things to say about writing so check it out!

    GB: Hello, A.C. Welcome to my blog! Thanks so much for stopping by and chatting with me. I can look at your forthcoming publication schedule and see that you're a very busy woman. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. So, that will be my first question, how do you manage your time and maintain productivity. Being a mother, a wife, a party planner, a writer… What does your time management plan look like and can we clone it?

    ACA: Thanks for the invite, Gwyneth. You can clone my time management plan, but it rarely works! LOL Everyday my goal is to get up as early as possible and write, then get the hubby and kids out the door as swiftly as possible. Usually, I will write all morning except when I'm nearing an event. Now just because I write in the morning doesn't necessarily mean I'm producing much, but practice makes perfect.

    GB: Your first novel, Object of His Desire, came out in September of 2003 and this month marks the release of your sixth novel, Corporate Seduction. Congrats! You're certainly doing your thing! So, tell us, what has it been like? What has your journey to becoming a multi-published author been like?

    ACA: Thanks. The journey has been educational if nothing else. When you first write a book and try to sell it you have no idea what's really in store for you. Learning how to deal with deadlines and editors and the pressure of producing another book has been a task for me but I wouldn't trade the experience.

    GB: You write such wonderful, passionate romances. Have you always wanted to be a romance novelist? Have you always read them? When did you first enter the world of romance?

    ACA: Thanks, Gwyneth. If you keep complimenting me I'm never going to stop smiling. When I was in middle school my mother let me read one of her Danielle Steele novels, I believe it was titled Star. I was instantly hooked. Every book my mother had I read and re-read until I would daydream stories of my own. But I didn't actually write a story until my senior year in high school. I wrote essays and reports and entered the school competitions but I hadn't actually written a full-length story and I didn't really foresee writing as my future career. I did finally begin to write my own stories but I put them all in the closet and never let people read them. In 2000, when one of my daughter's became sick and I had to quit my job to stay home with her I began researching African American romances and possible publishers.

    GB: Your third novel, Unconditional, deals with the topic of breast cancer. That's a very important and timely topic. What made you decide to include this in your romance? Do you see yourself dealing with such important topics in the future in other novels?

    ACA: I wrote Unconditional in 1997. Breast cancer wasn't as openly discussed then but I happened to be on the Internet and saw an article about a woman who had just gone into remission. I thought her story was so touching and triumphant. I wanted a heroine to experience the same thing. I like to talk about important topics in a way that people will be more open to them. I don't want to preach or lecture, just create an awareness. So far, in addition to breast cancer, I've touched on sexual harassment in the workplace and with an upcoming novel the effects of low self-esteem and the world's expectations of women.

    GB: Your first novel, Object of His Desire, is billed as an interracial romance. The hero is Italian and African-American. Do you think you will write other interracial/multicultural romances in the future?

    ACA: Definitely, I want a fine, passionate Latino man that will sweep the readers and the heroine off their feet!

    GB: You write for three publishers, Parker Publishing, Genesis Press and Kimani Press. Do you find that your style of writing changes depending on which press you are writing for? For example, can a reader expect to get the same kind of story when she picks up one of your Genesis Press books as when she picks up your Kimani Press books? I personally think that you have a strong voice and that is the same no matter what. But you do flip your style a little differently… at least in the Genesis and Kimani books I've read. (I haven't read a Parker book from you yet…) But that's just my opinion… what do you think?

    ACA: I think you're right. Each publisher has different guidelines for their stories and I try to be obedient and adhere to them…you see I said try. LOL I write series romance for Kimani, which is a shorter story focused primarily on the developing relationship between the hero and heroine. Whereas, for Genesis I have a little more room to explore the suspense plots I love so much. With Parker I’ve been allowed to build bigger characters with intense plots, oh and with hotter sex! In the end I believe that a reader can still expect lively characters with real issues from any of my books.

    GB: You will be writing steamier erotic romances for Parker Publishing. Those of us who have read your previous novels know that you will have no problem bringing the heat! You already write hot and steamy very well. But, just for those who don't know, how did you find making that move from romance to erotic romance?

    ACA: You know I love to keep it hot! It really wasn't a big move for me since I always wrote hot love scenes, the editors just toned it down. LOL I like for sex scenes to be realistic and realistically sex should make you hot, if not you might want to get in a little more practice. But I did notice that when I first told someone that I was going to write an erotic romance they instantly thought of straight erotica. There's a difference and I had to do a lot of reading to be able to see it for myself.

    GB: Your latest release, Corporate Seduction, is a connecting story to your much acclaimed, Office Policy. I see you like bringing the sex and drama right on up in the workplace! But, I also know that you have a professional background as a paralegal. Did that history inform or influence the writing of these two novels?

    ACA: Working in numerous law firms has given me so many story ideas I could spend the rest of my life writing about them. Lawyers, their staff and their clients have more drama going on then on the daytime soap operas. Office Policy was influenced by two firms in particular that I worked for and Corporate Seduction came from a few staff members that I've worked with along with one of my favorite chick flicks, You've Got Mail.

    GB: I love You've Got Mail. It's one of my favorites too. Well, actually, I love Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks together in just about anything... But anyway... Your novels to date seem to be a delightful mix of romantic suspense and steamy emotion. Is the suspense element one that you enjoy writing? Can you talk a little about why this appeals to you so much? And can you let us know if we can expect more suspense from you in the future?

    ACA: I think that suspense is one of those subplots that caters to heavy emotion which ultimately delivers passion in romances. I do enjoy giving readers some sort of mystery to figure out. I like the investigation, the uncovering of facts and all the many suspects. I think it's my nosey nature.

    GB: I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed your December Kimani Romance release, Love Me Like No Other. I know that this book is a part of a series--The Triple Threat. Details. Details. Let those of us who will be waiting anxiously know when to expect the next installment. And also, if you can give us any advance information, that would be much appreciated. (Smile)

    ACA: A Cinderella Affair will be released in September 2007. This is Adam Donovan's, the youngest Donovan brother, story. Adam is the compassionate brother, the one with sex appeal to spare but a huge loving heart that defies his playboy persona. I wanted Adam to have a woman that played into his best quality and so Camille Davis was born. Camille is a fashion designer so she works among tall, thin, pretty woman all the time. However, Camille is neither tall nor thin and has a step-mother that constantly reminds of this fact. I am finishing up Trent Donovan's story now and am hoping for an early 2008 release date since it has a Valentine's Day theme, but we shall see. The Triple Threat Donovans were only meant to be a three-part series but I’m already getting requests for some of the other family members' stories.

    GB: That's right! Go find them some more fi-ne cousins or something. LOL Speaking of upcoming releases, looking at your website, I see you have lots of goodies forthcoming. Can you share a bit about some of the things you have in store?

    ACA: I am very excited about my 2007 schedule. My first Parker Publishing release, Within The Shadows, is one of my very favorites. It has everything, suspense, passion, and oodles of romance. I am also trying the waters with my first paranormal from Genesis, Heart of the Phoenix, which boasts a succulent hero who is part Greek God and part phoenix. And of course, my first erotic romances begin with a story in Parker's Love For All Seasons anthology that also features Angie Daniels, Maureen Smith and Barbara Keaton. My story is titled A Snowflake Seduction and for lack of anything better to say I'll just leave you with a mental thought…an erotic snowball fight.

    GB: Do you have any suggestions for good books to read? I already know you have the good stuff. So, I'd like to know what you read? Who are some of your favorite authors? And what are you reading right now?

    ACA: I am actually reading two books right now, Brenda Jackson's Beyond Temptation and Sins and Secrets by Sharon Page. I also have my copy of Gwyneth Bolton's Divine Destiny with its gorgeous cover and great reviews which is next on my to-read list. I enjoy reading just about anything romantic, especially by Nora Roberts or a new favorite Dara Girard. I've ventured into mainstream and really liked V. Anthony Rivers' My Life Is All I Have and Zane's Afterburn. I like Kendra Norman Bellamy's books as well.

    GB: I've read Brenda Jackson's Beyond Temptation. It was really good! It is my favorite in the Forged in Steele Series so far. Although I'm sure I'll be saying the same with the next release. (Smile) And I heard that new Gwyneth Bolton release was pretty good too. You’ll have to let me know what you think about that one. ;-) Anyway… do you have any advice for aspiring writers?

    ACA: Don't give up. Keep it moving. That's my mantra. If one story doesn't work, write another one. If one publisher doesn't buy, solicit another one. If you can't find an agent, sell it yourself. Just don't give up. Study the craft and the industry because knowledge is definitely power.

    GB: How can readers best contact you?

    ACA: Via email, . I check email daily and I answer all my emails because they make me feel important. LOL

    GB: Thanks so much for stopping by AC. It's been a pleasure!

    ACA: Thank you, Gwyneth. I've read a few of your interviews and you definitely have knack for this.

    GB: Awwww... Thanks, AC!