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I'm hanging out over at the Pink Ladies Blog Spot today. Come and check out what our good friend Patricia Sargeant had me come up with after her brilliant questions about what inspires my writing. Check it out here and leave us a comment. And don't forget, Patricia will be blessing us with an interview on Gwyneth's Blog next week as our July author.

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    Monday, June 25, 2007

    First You Have To Start Writing Your Novel... And Then You Have To Finish It...

    The one question that I've been asked a lot since I became a published author is a variation of the age old, "how did you finish a novel" question. The question takes different forms. But mostly the person asking it wants to know how I did it. After talking to them I realize that some people actually mean the question literally. They have a book that they just can’t finish. They have several manuscripts started but none completed. They have an idea for a great story that they just need someone to help them write. (Yes, I have had several people approach me with this great story idea that they want me to write for them. Seriously...)

    I'm Blogging In Black today! You can read the rest of this post over there. Go on over and check it out along with all the other wonderful and informative post over there. Check out my post here:

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    Friday, June 22, 2007

    My Meez

    I figured I'd get me a meez... She's rocking the mic... LOL.

    This blog is rated R...

    I got this cool test from my soror Rageyone. I guess I should have known I'd be rated R...

    What's My Blog Rated? From Mingle2 - Online Dating

    I'm back...

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    Sunday, June 17, 2007

    Gone for a minute...

    This week I'm off to the Rhetoric Society of America's Second Biennial Summer Institute at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in beautiful Troy, NY. I have no idea what the internet capabilities will be. But I do know that it promises to be a very busy week. So, I'll catch you all when I get back.

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    Saturday, June 16, 2007

    Fun with fellow writers...

    The book signing today was wonderful. I had a great time laughing with my fellow Central New York Romance writers, Nancy Henderson, Ellen Hartman and Christine Wenger. The Rivers End Book store in Oswego New York is a really cool independent bookstore. The book lover in me was very happy. Did I happen to mention that I puffy heart love bookstores? And do you want to know the best thing about this wonderful bookstore? When I checked out the romance section, they had little black romances sitting next to little white romances... Romance novels were clearly judged by the content of... well… their content… No Jim Crow shelving in this store. And they had lots of chocolate on hand because somehow they knew that romance writers and readers like chocolate. I sold some books, had some laughs, and listened to my very talented writer buddies read from their wonderful books. In the words of that poet Ice Cube… today was a good day.

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    Friday, June 15, 2007

    If the Black Dagger Brothers were Really Brothas...

    Somebody should hire author Sharon Cullars as a casting director. She picked out a stunning collection of Black men for J. R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Even if you haven't read the series, it's worth going over and taking a peek at all those fine men in one line up. It makes you wish someone would place them all in a film together. Yummy. I've read the series and I think her picks are perfect, even down to the tormented "Fiddy." Check it out for yourself and leave her a comment.

  • Sharon Cullars' New Black Dagger Brotherhood

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    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    BITCH Magazine Does Romance

    The recent issue of BITCH: FEMINIST RESPONSE TO POP CULTURE has a really insightful essay on the current abundance of Sheikhs in romance land. The essay by Christy McCullough titled, “Desert Hearts: In a New Crop of Romance Novels, It’s Always Midnight at the Oasis,” offers some interesting ideas about why we are seeing so many romance novels featuring men from the Middle East when we are currently at war in that region. I really liked this essay because it problematized race. It deals with race in really nuanced ways. This quote struck me as right on point:

    “It seems that an Arab Man can now get on the cover of a romance novel in the United States almost more easily than he can get past airport security: According to the Chicago Tribune, the sales of sheik-themed romance novels have quadrupled in the years since the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Up to 20 of these novels per year…”

    Given all the recent talk on various blogs about racism in romance land, I thought this article raised some really interesting questions. We have been having this discussion based on the things that most white romance readers won’t read--African American romance novels. But what happens to the conversation when we really interrogate the ever-so popular reads: the sheiks, the Native Americans, the Latin Lovers. What happens when we really interrogate how men of color are objectified and made into the exotic other? What does this tell us about racism in romance? Is it particularly telling that we have so many captive by the savage other stories in romance land? And what does it mean that we seldom see black men in this savage other role, with the exception of perhaps MANDINGO many years ago? McCullough closes with some really hard-hitting observations:

    “Given current stereotypes, any media portrayal of Middle Eastern men as sexy and desirable is in some respects a positive step. But when that desirability is predicated on an underlying savagery, it’s worth asking why it appeals to thousands of American readers. We can’t police desires, but we can investigate its cultural roots: If, in our collective imagination, we see even the most attractive and high-ranking Arab men as fundamentally violent and criminal, is it any wonder that we’d rather see them on a book cover than on an airplane?”

    I have to say that as a girl who started reading romance novels because she snuck her mother’s Harlequin Presents, I have read my fair share of sheik romances. In fact, one of my all-time favorite books by Brenda Jackson is DELANEY’S DESERT SHEIKH. (That book had me crying and I knew it was a romance and they would end up together. But dang if I wasn't crying anyway.) But Jackson's novel doesn’t play into the captured by the savage sheik stereotypes that a lot of these novels have. It is different and I think the fact that it has a black woman as the lead has a lot to do with that difference. The stereotypes have to be reworked when you change the players. But what do you all think about the topic? Read any good sheik romances lately? Do you have any thoughts about why they seem to be growing in popularity during this time of war and racial profiling? Do you think they offer another way into the racism in romance discussion? What do you think?

    More Great Summer Reads...

    Because I really care that you will have enough to read this summer…

    WHEN THE DUST SETTLES by T. Rhythm Knight
    I heard about this book a few months ago when Deatri King-Bey sent out an announcement about it on a few list-serves that I’m on. I love paranormal and speculative fiction. So, I immediately placed it on my to-buy-soon list. I didn’t get around to it until a month or so ago and the book didn’t arrive from Amazon until a couple of weeks later. Once it came I picked it up and started reading it. Big mistake… I couldn’t put the book down. I had to spend the rest of the day and into the night reading. Don’t you just hate that? Anyway, this book has it all. It is part inspirational, part paranormal, part romance, part suspense/mystery/intrigue. I loved it! Normally, big ole sinner that I am, I don’t tend to gravitate towards inspirational novels. But this one was so engaging and enthralling and the message was so subtle that it had me really thinking about God and life in ways that I found refreshing. The only other works of fiction that had such an impact on me were Octavia Butler’s PARABLE OF THE TALENTS and PARABLE OF THE SOWER and Sandra Jackson-Opoku’s THE RIVER WHERE BLOOD IS BORN. This book is right up there with the greats of African American speculative fiction in my opinion. T. Rhythm Knight has a real talent for storytelling. And if I could find more inspirational novels like this one, I’d be one inspirational reading fool! I found this book to be different and refreshing and the blending of genres worked wonderfully. If you have ever wondered about life and if God has a plan for your life, or thought about your purpose, then this book will make you think some more. :-) This is a must read.

    Here’s the blurb:
    Mia Mitchell has been having premonitions for most of her life. While most consider her premonitions a gift, she considers her gift nothing more than a curse. Little does Mia know, her gift serves a special purpose in God's kingdom. As Mia battles the worst premonition of them all, demons are hell bent on destroying her. Will she be obedient and follow the urgings of her guardian angels, Kenu and Victor? Or, will she surrender to a disobedient spirit? You will have to wait until the dust settles to find out if God and his angels or Satan and his demons will prevail.

    CREEPIN’, L. A. Banks, Donna Hill, Monica Jackson, J. M. Jefferies, Janice Sims
    Here’s another book that I picked up and started reading as soon as the mailman dropped the box off. I’ll tell you I must have super sonic hearing when it comes to that mailman dropping a box. It’s as if my brain can smell the books or something. Anyway, this book came in my box of monthly purchases from eHarlequin. And I only meant to read a few pages. But you know how that goes with a good book... It didn’t help that the first story was by L. A. Banks and I puffy heart love me some Leslie Esdaile/L. A Banks/Leslie Esdaile Banks. That woman can write the ABC’s and I’d be like, wow, what a wonderful rendition of the ABC’s. But anyway, this anthology is a paranormal erotic thriller. What a combination of genres, authors and stories! These stories give new meaning to hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Each story has the elements of HOT SEX and revenge... really great combinations. L. A. Banks starts it off with a werewolf story that is just amazing. I love her vampire huntress series and after this story and her story in the VEGAS BITES anthology, I can’t wait for her new werewolf series… I’m chomping at the bit to read more of her werewolves! I just adore L. A. Bank’s voice and her flow. And this story did not disappoint. Donna Hill’s story is a hot and steamy remix of the film THE ENTITY. And Lord have mercy, this one might have you a little scared to go to sleep. What would you do if at any giving moment, sleeping or wake, you could be assaulted by some unseen entity that used sex to literally drive you out of your mind? This story had a nice surprise ending that really kicked up the horror-level a lot. I loved it. Monica Jackson’s twist on vampires was great. It reminded me of that old school advice folks used to give women who were always trying to find out if their man was cheating or keeping secrets. Be careful when you go out hunting and searching, because you never know what you might find… This one is lighter and has several funny moments. I liked the voice a lot. The writing team of J. M. Jefferies brings the voodoo to the anthology with a twisted and sexy revenge tale. What would you be willing to give up to get revenge on a man who cheated on you? The villain in this story is such a low life that he gets exactly what he deserves. And finally Janice Sims brings us into the world of Nephilims with the descendents of Fallen Angels living and loving right here on earth. All I have to say is the world building was amazing in this story. Amazing! I was totally captivated by the world she created and the characters. And Sarai was one bad-ass avenging angel. I hope she makes this into a series. All in all, if you are in for a nice mix of paranormal and erotica with some revenge, spice, intrigue and horror thrown in for good measure, this anthology is a must read.

    Here’s the blurb:
    A Woman Scorned Is A Force To Be Reckoned With . . . Welcome to a world of werewolves, vampires, demons and mere mortals, where, in the name of revenge, five women are about to live out their wildest fantasies—even if it means crossing over to that other side . . . Five of today's most provocative authors invite you into a realm beyond the limits of your sensual imagination, where anything can happen—and does. In these stories of bloodlust and vengeance, of scorching desire and otherworldly fantasies come true, you'll encounter five women who thought they had it all, until a betrayal takes them on a feverish journey to the dark edge of vengeance. Fueled by lust and deception, these women are going to let their voracious appetites guide them as they take justice into their own hands . . .

    DARING DEVOTION by Elaine Overton
    What would you do if your man worked in a dangerous job and suddenly got a promotion that put him in the line of fire even more? The thing I really loved about this novel is the way Elaine Overton showed the struggle that Andrea went through. On the one hand she wants to be the supportive fiancĂ©, but on the other hand she could be supporting him right out of her life... for good. Reading this book made me realize that I could never be a romance heroine. Sad but true… I’d do all the wrong things. I’d be plotting to get my man out of the dangerous job... saying all kinds of negative things to drop seeds of doubt. It wouldn’t be pretty and it wouldn’t be romantic. But Elaine Overton’s gift is she created a wonderful, real and conflicted heroine who had the doubts, issues and struggles, but handled herself like a truly stunning romance heroine should. And the hero, fire fighter Calvin Brown… LAWD. HAVE. MERCY. HOT.... And I’m not just talking about those fires he puts out…

    Here’s the blurb:
    Detroit social worker Andrea Chenault has always believed she can live with the fear that every firefighter's wife knows. But as her long-awaited wedding day approaches, she's tormented by secret doubts. Because it's becoming clear that deadly fires are targeting the man she loves beyond all reason. Calvin Brown is the bravest, strongest man she's ever known, and he's taken her to heights of passion she never knew existed. But as the circle of flames draws ever closer, Andrea wonders if even her overwhelming love for this man is strong enough to survive the terrible thought of a life without him...

    BLUE SKIES by Adrianne Byrd
    Nobody does enduring romance like Adrianne Byrd. Nobody! One of my all-time favorite books by her, MY DESTINY, was one of the first African American romance novels I read that took you through some years and showed the evolution of a relationship, the growth. She does it again with Sydney and James in BLUE SKIES and I loved it. It takes skill and creativity to take the readers on a journey of romance that spans some time. Sometimes when people meet, they don't get it right the first time. Sometimes it takes a minute to realize that you've met the love of your life. This novel moves back and forth between the space of about three years. And it will have you captivated on every page. It has everything I love about her novels, the funny, the sexy, and the emotional. And it adds the drama and suspense to the mix. I loved this book and it is going right along side all of my other Adrianne Byrd books, on my keeper shelf.

    Here’s the blurb:
    Air force fighter pilot Sydney Garret was born to fly. No other thrill came close enough to shake her—until she met Captain James Colton and found a reckless passion that led to fifty-five hours together as husband and wife. When they went their separate ways, Sydney's heart understood what her pride refused to admit—that someday, somehow, fate would reunite them. But no one imagined that it would be a matter of life and death… When Sydney's plane was shot down over enemy territory on a routine reconnaissance flight, James and his crew were deployed on a dangerous search-and-rescue operation where every second counted. But James was not only going in after one of the military's finest pilots—he was also racing to save the woman he loved.

    UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Karyn Langhorne
    Politics and Sex… This novel had all that and then some. I’ve heard people say that folks don’t want political issues in their romance novels. Well, if they are as smartly handled and executed as they are by Langhorne, then they don’t know what they are missing. This is an IR novel and I usually don’t read a lot of them. I got turned off by the ones that spent too much time talking about why the sister couldn’t find a good brother and comparing white men to black men, etc. A few years ago, I stumbled on to Karyn Langhorne’s first novel A PERSONAL MATTER and like this one it only had a black woman on the cover. It was only after I’d read a little ways in that I realized that I had picked up an IR and by then I had fallen in love with the voice and the story. And thankfully the novel didn’t have all the issues that I didn’t like about IR novels. UNFINISHED BUSINESS takes two people that couldn’t be more different and shows us that love doesn’t have to follow any political party. And it doesn’t care if you live in a red or a blue state, if you lean to the left or the right. The chemistry between the two leads is sizzling. The way the author weaves in the political issues is amazing. By the time I finished reading this one, I realized that the author made me fall in love with a damn Republican! LOL. Now you know that ain’t right! But it was a great read and I highly recommend it.

    Here’s the blurb:
    Black activist Erica Johnson wears her causes on her sleeve—literally. With her class of beloved fourth graders depending on her to represent their concerns, Erica's ready to confront golden-boy conservative senator Mark Newman. And she's willing to suffer through a night in jail and a battle of wits with a real-life war hero, if it will help get the children the money they need. Mark Newman's a worthy adversary. But there's a more human side to the ambitious politician with the dreamy blue eyes—from the physical pain of his war wound, to his grief over his wife's death. Though they disagree on every hot-button issue, Erica and Mark can't resist their attraction or ignore the unfinished business between them—much to the delight of those trying to use this new relationship against the senator. And when Erica starts receiving some particularly vicious hate mail she has to decide if this handsome dream from the right/wrong side of the political fence is worth risking her heart for . . . and maybe her life.

    ONE GENTLE KNIGHT by Wayne Jordan
    July 2007
    Woooweeeee! Wayne Jordan brings in the heat with this one. I’m talking had a sister fanning herself several times throughout the read. LAWD. HAVE. MERCY. HOT. The characters in this novel have an instant attraction and find themselves in a passionate “no-strings” affair. Neither one of them wants to catch feelings… But they can’t control it. I have to say that this story was not only hot but also very emotional. And the novel had the beautiful use of language that I have come to expect in this author’s novels. The man can spin a phrase and have you thinking, ohh… that sounds so pretty… The prose is very visual, very poetic. And did I already mention that there were lots of really hot love scenes? Because there are… In any case, this is another book that you won’t be able to put down. Note, this is a July release. But those of us in the know, know that you can get all your Harlequin category romances a month early from eHarlequin. :-)

    Here’s the blurb:
    Barbados sugar plantation owner Shayne Knight fantasizes about escaping into the arms of a beautiful stranger—and lovely, sensual travel agent Carla Thompson is the answer to his secret desires. When he's called away suddenly, he vows to return to the island hideaway they shared and turn their no-strings affair into something more. But he's too late. Carla awakens, blissful and in love, and discovers Shayne is gone. She's hurt, mad and outta there. Soon she discovers he did leave her something besides memories. She's pregnant! But to claim the man and the love that was meant to be, she'll have to discover paradise all over again.

    In stores August 2007
    Last but not least, I got to read an advance copy of A. C. Arthur’s August release because I’m so cool and so fly… Ha ha ha… No seriously… I am so fresh and so cool… Okay… But really, I loved the first book in the series so much that maybe I hounded her just a little to get a chance to read the second one… I don’t know… It’s all a blur… I can't remember exactly how I came by this advance read... ;-) All I know is I loved this book just as much as I loved the first book in the series, LOVE ME LIKE NO OTHER. And she has me feigning for the third installment. Maybe I should drop a few not so subtle hints and she'll let me read that one in advance too... Hmmm... Anyway, this is the promotional quote I came up with for her after reading the wonderful novel: A. C. Arthur’s latest addition to the Triple Threat Brothers Series proves that fairy tales can come true through the healing and redemptive power of love. The attraction between Adam and Camille is powerful and instant and it makes for a page turning, can-not-put-it-down read from beginning to end. The heat levels are high in this novel, scorching hot! And, when all is said and done, readers will realize that in this hip and sexy remix of the fairy-tale, Prince Charming doesn’t have anything on Adam Donovan! And ladies… Cinderella NEVER had it so good! This is one for the keeper shelf.

    And here’s the book blurb:
    Adam Donovan is living the high life, buying and selling real estate, becoming a very rich and notable man. But when his next acquirement comes with a very attractive opponent he knows he’s seen before, Adam is for once thrown off his usually casual canter. Camille Davis has enough on her mind dealing with the loss of her father and the rise of her fashion design company. She’s in no mood to deal with her step-mother or the insane deal she’s made to sell her father’s home. A face-to-face confrontation with the man that wants to buy the property doesn’t go over much better since he’s also the star of the sexually explicit dreams she’s had for the past nine months. Can Adam and Camille come to terms in the board room…and the bedroom?

    So, that’s it for now. And I promise, I will only give you more hot books to read for the rest of the time I have this blog… Hey, it’s not my fault. The blog does have the subtitle, “Reading and Writing African American Romance.” I’m supposed to tell you about all the great authors and books out there…. Until next time…

    Happy Reading…

    Monday, June 11, 2007

    E-Spire Entertainment News: Five Questions with Gwyneth Bolton

    E-Spire Entertainment News: Five Questions with Gwyneth Bolton

    Writer buddy Shelia M. Goss interviewed me recently. :-) Check out the interview and leave us a comment.

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    Friday, June 08, 2007

    Try some, it's good.: Beta is the new alpha

    Try some, it's good.: Beta is the new alpha

    This post had me cracking up. Annie Dean paints a hilarious picture of life after happily-ever-after with the alpha male hero. It was too funny! Check it out.

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    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Romance at the river's end. . .

    Romance at the river's end. . .


    Four of Central New York's finest romance writers will read from and sign copies of their latest works. Come meet:

    Nancy Henderson, author of Ghost of a Chance

    Gwyneth Bolton, author of Sweet Sensation and Divine Destiny

    Ellen Hartman, author of Wanted Man

    Chris Wenger, author of Not Your Average Cowboy


    Saturday • June 16 2:00 - 4:00 pm


    The River’s End Bookstore
    19 West Bridge Street
    Oswego, NY 13126

    Romance at Bookery II: The Naked Truth

    Ithaca, NY, June 24th, 2007: Romance at Bookery II: The Naked Truth, Sunday, June 24th at 2:00 pm. Whether you like to read romance, write it, or just to have it, Bookery II presents an afternoon of fun as Diana Holquist, Ellen Hartman and Gwyneth Bolton, three award-winning, multi-published romance writers dish on what it takes to make it in the most successful genre in publishing. Book-signing to follow discussion. Special Door Prize: Critique of the first 25 pages of your romance manuscript! For more information email or call 273-5055. Bookery II, Dewitt Mall, 215 N. Cayuga St.

    About the authors:
    Diana Holquist burst onto the romance scene with her debut novel and National Readers' Choice 2006 finalist, Make Me a Match. She has since sold three more paranormal romantic comedies to Warner Books.

    Ellen Hartman's debut novel, Wanted Man, will be out this June from
    Harlequin Superromance, one of the longest-running, most successful of the Harlequin lines. She is hard at work on her second Superromance novel, Truth or Dare.

    Gwyneth Bolton’s newest book is Sweet Sensation. She’s the winner of the 2006 Romance in Color Reviewer's Choice Award for New Author of the Year, the 2007 Emma Award Winner for Favorite New Author and the2007 Emma Award Winner for Book of the Year.

    Bookery II is the city’s largest and oldest independently owned bookstore and is located in the DeWitt Mall, in the heart of downtown Ithaca. The friendly and knowledgeable staff invite you to enjoy the bright open space, fresh coffee, stylish music and a great selection of books, CDs, DVDs, maps, cards, and more. Bookery II is open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 8:00 pm and Sunday 9:30 am to 6 pm.

    Friday, June 01, 2007

    June Interview with Delilah Dawson

    GB: This is really an exciting day because I get to welcome an author who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I first met Delilah Dawson a few of years ago at the Romance Writers of America conference in Reno. Although I had already read her two Genesis Press books, EBONY BUTTERFLY I and EBONY BUTTERFLY II, meeting her and seeing what a warm, genuine and sincere person she was, had me anxiously anticipating her St. Martin’s Press books. It’s a pleasure to welcome Delilah Dawson to my blog. Welcome, Delilah! I’ll have to start by asking you the question that I ask every writer that comes by -- time management… How do you do it all and do it all so well?

    DD: Hi Gwen! Reno seems like such a short time ago, doesn't it? How do I do it? Like most other authors, I have a very busy life, with a day job, a full family life and this passion for my books that won't let me be. I have stories in my head, and all they need are people to read them and enjoy them. The characters in the story monopolize my daydreams, and make me passionate to get the stories down on paper. I lose some sleep, I juggle my busy schedule and somehow I manage to write my story down, piece by piece (usually between ten to midnight). Having fans encouraging me along the way helps tremendously.

    GB: I read on your website that you have always loved to read romance novels. How long have you been reading them? And when did it occur to you that you wanted to write spicier ones?

    DD: I think I was twelve or thirteen when I read my first romance novel, whereas before that I read lots of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books. I had two schoolmates (conniving troublemakers!) that would "borrow" their mother's Jackie Collins books and let me read them while I pretended to read my science books in class. LOL! I knew I wanted to write spicier novels because, for me, the intimacy goes deeper into the character's psyche, and really helps me "get" them better.

    GB: I also read that you like to do photography in your spare time. That’s amazing! Tell me, can we look forward to a nice coffee table book with your photos in the near future?

    DD: From your lips to God's ears, Gwen! I'm still working on becoming a better photographer whenever I get the chance, and I find it to really satisfy my creative side as well. I have a semi-collection of my favorites, so, hey, who knows? Maybe someday …

    GB: When I met you in Reno a few years back, you had just gotten “the call” from St. Martin’s Press. I remember thinking at the time that it was like every writer’s dream call. So, you know I want you to share some of that here. Come on tell us about the day you got that phone call… Help some of us hold the dream and keep hope alive…

    DD: LOL! I'm grinning right now, just thinking about it! It was one of those nights, where I told myself I'd write first, then check my emails last (to give myself incentive because I'm sadistic like that). So when I finally got around to it, I noticed an email from Monique Patterson. My first thought was, "What fool is trying to play a joke on me like this! Pretending to be Ms. Patterson?!" No way! Then I realized it was real and I SCREAMED! Mind you, I was in a tiny closet that my husband had converted into my personal writing space, so I was jumping around and screeching. I honestly wasn't expecting him to hear me from the kitchen and bust in as if I was getting jumped. Long story short, that moment was absolutely incredible! I'll never forget it, and will always think of Monique as my Fairy Bookmother for the lovely surprise. (Smile)

    GB: Amazing! I think every writer out there would love for her dream editor to read one of her novels and just e-mail her out of the blue. I would have screamed too. LOL. Anyway, one thing I absolutely adore about your novels is the very creative ways you go about bringing fantasies to the page. In EBONY BUTTERFLY I, you use a woman’s scandalous diary and an ever so willing accomplice to bring about some very steamy encounters. In TRUTH OR DARE, well, let’s just say playing that particular game has never been so H-O-T! And because of your latest novel, SOMETHING NAUGHTY, I will never look at advertising and ads in the same way again. How do you come up with these very sexy and very clever ways of writing spicy romance novels? Give us a peak at what goes on in the mind of yours.

    DD: Thanks so much for your comments! (Smile) As for what goes on in my brain, well, I don't know, I swear. I like to watch people and sometimes the stories start from the way two strangers will interact with each other, or even how they react to something. Other times, an idea is like a Post-it note in my head with a tag line like "Truth or Dare.” But the truth is my muse has a naughty, sensual nature, I guess. And it all comes out in the writing. I go into my zone and the ideas just pop up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!! ;-p

    GB: The other thing that I love about a Delilah Dawson novel is that in addition to the heat we also get the sweet. The stories pack a very sexy punch for sure, but they are also wonderfully romantic and emotional. Is this important to you as you write, making sure that both factors are there?

    DD: Yes, it's very important for me to write the kinds of books that years from now will still make me smile. Hormones and heart strings. I like sexual tension and heat, but I need to know that it means something to the couple. Technically speaking, the physical act of sex is pretty basic (part A goes into part B), regardless of how kinky it gets. But the emotional language of love is far more fascinating and revealing to me, so I try to interweave the two.

    GB: In EBONY BUTTERFLY II you give readers short erotic stories. In the anthology, MR. SATISFACTION you give readers a novella. And you have written three novels. Which do you like best, short stories, novellas, or novels? Can we expect more of your shorter pieces any time soon?

    DD: Novellas are probably the easiest for me to write, but I enjoy writing all lengths. While writing my full-length novels, I will often have a small story that will try to interrupt me (and I will do my BEST to ignore), but when I can't make it disappear, I compromise and write a quick short piece. Needless to say, I have a folder full of short stories waiting for a bigger life (sigh). If the Writing Gods are kind, they will find their way to bookstores someday.

    GB: What do you like to read in your spare time? Who are some of your favorite authors?

    DD: I love to read suspense, romance, westerns, chick lit, erotica, police procedurals and anything else that captures my attention. Favorite authors? Wow, there's just a ton of them, and my tastes change with the moon, so I'll just say that there's too many awesome authors to mention. At the moment, I'm trying out some first-timers or lesser known authors just to switch my stride.

    GB: Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?

    DD: If you really truly want to write, do it! Don't say you want to, but really do it, then send it out to publishers and agents (but do your homework first and be discerning!). Fight for your dreams. Sometimes, the people who love you most will try to deflate your dreams because they're afraid you'll get hurt if you fail. They mean well, but pay them no mind. It took me five years of serious writing before I was published. I've had lots of rejections, verbally and in writing. There were times when my determination was flat-lining and I would wonder if it was time to quit. But I'm lucky enough to have people who encouraged me to keep going (and have I mentioned that I'm stubborn?). So surround yourself with at least one person who will believe in your dreams with you! In the end, you may find out that (like me), good news comes when it is least expected.

    GB: How can readers best contact you?

    DD: Feel free to email me at or drop by my website: . I have monthly contests, a newsletter (free mini-stories!), and a message board. (Smile)

    GB: Thanks so much for stopping by and granting an interview Delilah! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule. For those of you looking for that HOT summer beach read, you would do well to pick up any of Delilah Dawson’s novels. You won’t be disappointed. Happy reading!

    DD: Thank you, Gwen. That was fun! Have a great summer! (Smile)